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Over time, debris, waste and other items can clog your drains and result in blockages, backups and even flooding if ignored. To eliminate clogs, call on Pipe Surgeon Plumbing Ltd, Co. for drain cleaning services. Our drain unclogging expert uses a powerful RIDGID K-750 machine to clean and unclog your drains quickly and efficiently. We use an expert snaking method to take care of minor issues and major blockages easily.

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Common causes of clogged drains

Having clogged drains is a very common issue for property owners. Drains can become clogged over time due to:

  • Food Waste
  • Hair, soap and dirt
  • Oil, grease and fat
  • Too much toilet paper

Tree roots are also a common cause of blockages. You can get drain unclogging services to help to prevent foul odors, reduce the risk of mold growth and extend the life span of your system. Call today to have us get started on your drains.