Turn to us for water heater repairs or replacements in the Paris & Lexington, KY areas

Your hot water heater can use anywhere from 60 to 70 gallons of water every day. While water heaters can typically last close to a decade, you’ll still need occasional water heater repairs to help care for your system. Pipe Surgeon Plumbing Ltd, Co. provides traditional water heater replacements and repairs to residential and commercial clients in the Paris and Lexington, KY areas.

Whether you’ve noticed rusty or smelly water, or you’ve spotted a leak, we can be there in a hurry to help. Call 859-629-8700 today to make an appointment.

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Signs you need repairs

From repairing leaks to addressing rust in your water tank, our expert can handle it all. Other reasons you may need repairs include:

  • Having trouble getting enough hot water
  • Hearing loud and rumbling sounds coming from your tank
  • Losing hot water suddenly when you shower or do the dishes

If you need a new installation, maintenance or a water heater replacement, make us your go-to resource. We’ll use a dolly to transport your water heater through your home or business, and we’ll cover our shoes before we enter to keep the area clean and tidy. Get in touch with us now for more information about our water heater repair services.

call now 859-629-8700