We offer plumbing remodel services in Paris, Lexington, KY and the surrounding area

To reduce your risk of leaks or other plumbing issues during home renovations, choose a seasoned professional for your plumbing remodel. Pipe Surgeon Plumbing Ltd, Co. offers expert repiping services in the Paris and Lexington, KY areas. We’ll take the time to understand your plumbing needs and then assess the situation to provide the appropriate services.

We order high-quality materials that local stores don’t carry. We also take pride in educating our clients about what materials or products will work best for their property. Get in touch with us at 859-629-8700 now to arrange for your plumbing remodel.

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We Work With The Best Brands

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you can trust us to high-quality brands for your project.

We work with home and business owners, as well as general contractors in the area. You can expect our work to be up to code. Call today for more information about our plumbing remodel and repiping services.

We Install: