Turn to us for outdoor spigot replacement in Paris and Lexington, KY

Did you forget to close your outdoor spigot before winter hit? If you’re experiencing problems with a frozen outdoor faucet, call the Paris and Lexington, KY plumbing experts at Pipe Surgeon Plumbing Ltd, Co. We have 20 years of experience with outdoor spigot replacements for faucets that have frozen and cracked. Our team stands by Woodford 27CP models due to their reliability and reduced risk of freezing.

Get a faucet solution that will last for many years. Call now to schedule an outdoor faucet replacement.

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5 Signs of a Frozen Spigot

The signs of frozen faucets or pipes are usually easily detectable. Call 859-629-8700 immediately if you notice:

  • A cracked pipe inside
  • A slow trickle when water is on
  • Loud sounds from your pipes
  • A cracked spigot
  • Frost on the spigot

Don’t let a freeze cause costly home damage. If you’re experiencing issues, call now to schedule an outdoor spigot replacement for your Paris or Lexington, KY property.


call now 859-629-8700